DK ComforGlass represents cutting-edge technology in the field of car windows. With ComforGlass, layered panes form an extra coating in the laminate. This coating is transparent for the visible spectrum of light, but it is reflective for infrared. 99% of UV light in the ranges A, B and C is also blocked. The coating is also conductive, so the window can be heated, even if it has a non-standard shape. The coating can be applied to the glass (mostly 12V systems) or to a PET film (mostly 48V – 96V systems).

The advantages of ComforGlass:

  • Significant increase in safety compared to tempered car windows.
  • Extremely effective heat resistance by means of the reflection of IR light, even when the car is not moving.
  • Extremely high noise reduction – a telephone conversation is much easier without the sound of the airstream.
  • UV block protects your skin and the car interior.
  • Laminated glass hinders attempted car theft.
  • Reduced need for air conditioning means CO2 reduction.
  • The option of a heated windscreen can be offered.

It is also possible to weave a heating element into the laminate with super-fine tungsten wire. The threads are only approximately 17-24 Mu thick and are barely visible, but can defrost a windscreen in less than a minute.

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