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DK Prototyping for Automotive Glass is developing Camera-View Optimized Windscreens. (C-VOW)

As the next generation automobiles will be autonomous Driving (AD) and we already have  Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) in windscreens, we see a growing demand in improving the optical properties of the windscreen.

As autonomous camera systems operate with multiple camera’s, it sees in multiple focal lengths and software than creates a combined image of surrounding and approaching activities.

The optical power of the windscreen is more and more restricted by the limit of sharp images by increasing the distance to look ahead.

All windscreens are bended and camera mounting brackets are glued on a black ceramic surface. These black surfaces absorb heat from the bending furnace during bending, but they also cool down more rapidly during the annealing cycle of the glass.

This phenomena is creating local optical distortion in the glass which will cause a deformation in the camera view.

With sheet by sheet vacuum press bending, convected air heating systems and the use of white ceramic paint we are now pushing the optical power of windscreens to the limit.

Follow us on our next steps by shaping the future.

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