Innovative in solar panels

DK Prototyping for Automotive Glass has developed a revolutionary system.

Special frame

Solar panels need sunlight to work, but the warmer they get, the worse they perform. Modern solar panels have an output of about 20%, with 80% remaining unused. Heat causes even more output to be lost. DK Prototyping for Automotive Glass has developed a solution for this. Encapsulating the solar panels in a frame creates a kind of jigsaw puzzle in which the pieces are joined together with watertight and airtight connections.

Cooling the panels

There is a system of air channels under the solar panels. Air is forced through this system, cooling the panels and increasing their output. The warm air is stored (depending on the season), but it can also be used immediately to heat the building.

If you are interested in how the system works, it is explained in this animation:

Extremely sustainable

DK’s new building will be extremely sustainable. It will be completely covered by solar panels so that no further roof covering will be required. Even if this unique system is not in operation, the panels will still have a function, because they will form an extra layer of insulation. The cooling will also increase the working life of the panels, as cell degradation is proportionately related to temperature. The building is furthermore completely CO2 neutral and there will not be a single gas connection; everything will be powered by electricity.

Construction of this sustainable building is expected to start in mid-2019, and if everything goes to plan it will be finished by mid-2020. If you have any questions about DK’s systems, please get in touch with us.


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